Why Choose Us?

Our proven approach

Our approach, developed and refined over 20 years, is to target the multiple elements that funders (and their corresponding reviewers) will mark favourably, whilst avoiding the typical mistakes and traps. This goes beyond simply addressing the key criteria of the call guidelines as this, whilst important, will be common amongst all good applications and being ‘good’ is never enough in these competitions.

The GrantCraft approach goes deeper – addressing the overall strategic aims of the various funding bodies and the varying backgrounds of the peer reviewers and panel members that will be responsible for assessing your proposal.

We work across all disciplines and the institutions that we have supported have not only seen the number of applications submitted increase substantially but, most importantly, the average success rate has risen to better than 1 in 3, compared to an average of 1 in 12.

A wealth of experience

GrantCraft have been advising and supporting universities, companies and research institutions for over 25 years; we have a wealth of experience writing and supporting grant applications submitted to the full range of funders (The Research Councils, European Commission, Leverhulme Trust, Wellcome Trust, British Academy, British Council, The Royal Society, Global Challenges Research Fund, Newton Fund as well as many charities and charitable trusts to name a few).

The team has experience throughout the whole project life-cycle, from grant application, through award negotiation and project co-ordination, to project closure. Having this experience gives us a unique insight into what is required to apply for and run a successful project.

For further information about the GrantCraft team and what we do please see the About Us page.