Strategic analysis

Academic institutions have a wealth of data at their fingertips, the richness of which can be invaluable not only for providing insights into strengths, weaknesses and trends, but also for informing strategic direction and prioritisation.

In addition to GrantCraft’s expertise and knowledge of the research funding landscape, we have the analytical skills and capabilities that are required to turn institutional data into meaningful insights and recommendations. We can help you to create and implement development plans to grow your research income and performance, while diversifying your portfolio.

GrantCraft will draw together two sets of data:

  1. Your organisational level data such as those pertaining to research funding (application numbers, values and success rates), REF results, staffing structures, research themes and breadth and interactions with businesses and the wider community.
  2. Information regarding research funders’ current and future strategies; regional, national, and international challenges and priorities; REF requirements; and national-level higher education institutions’ achievements.

We will use this data to provide a mapping of institutional areas of strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for institutional strategy, priority and support.

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