Personalised support

In this highly competitive environment, ‘just’ excellent research is not enough – to stand out ahead of the crowd, much more is required in terms of additional arguments, detail, structure, and justification. We provide a personalised service, supporting applications on a one-to-one basis and working through multiple iterations of refinement and optimisation to ensure that your proposal is as competitive as it can be.

The support process – from idea to application

Our team of research consultants can help you identify suitable funding sources for your idea(s). We are constantly reviewing open and upcoming calls across all major funding bodies so we are well placed to identify the best opportunities for your research.

We will guide you as you shape the idea into a research project. Our role is not to change your research project. Rather, we ensure that the emphasis is aligned with the overall strategic aims and objectives of the funding body as well as the specific objectives of the call.

During the proposal drafting phase, we will guide and support you through the production of multiple iterations of your proposal as you refine and extend these crucial messages whilst building the document. We will show you how to optimise the structure of the document and integrate all the required arguments, justifications and details to make your application as competitive as possible.

As your application nears completion, we will work with you, addressing fine details – going through the application line by line and word by word to fully optimise the document.

Our team recognises that working on these applications is often something that takes place outside of normal hours. For this reason, we will be available to take telephone and Skype calls close to 24/7. Evenings and weekends are never a problem for us.

Other Services

We also offer a wide range of Workshops as well as Proposal Writing services