Outreach & Dissemination

The societal impact of research and technology is becoming increasingly important across all funding bodies. Research has to reach and influence its target audiences in order to maximise its impact, not just in academic communities, but across industry and the general public.

GrantCraft can help you plan and execute your outreach and dissemination activities by helping to identify your key stakeholders whilst finding the best methods to communicate with them; be that through written media, digital media, or social media. GrantCraft possesses a range of industry-standard tools to create impactful videos, animations, and graphics to support your dissemination programme.

We are also able to undertake public perceptions analysis and surveys to help you define and strengthen the key messages you need to deliver to your target audiences.

We’ll help you define your outreach and dissemination plans from the proposal stage and manage the realisation of these plans throughout the life of the project, ensuring your research gets maximum exposure across multiple sectors and audiences.