Impact and REF Support

Impact is a critical component of research projects; rather than an ‘add on’ feature of a research proposal that must be tackled in the specific impact sections, impact should be at the forefront of research planning activities and an integral component of research proposals. Obviously, different funders have varying expectations and requirements with regards to the types of impacts that are expected; it is imperative that these differences are understood and that research proposals are targeted appropriately and convincingly.

Of course, the issue of impact is not something which is tackled during the proposal writing process and then put aside. Impact must be measured, reported and evidenced. Impact reporting for REF is critical for researchers in UK academic institutions. Not only does the REF assessment provide accountability for public investment in research, it also informs decisions on resource allocation.

GrantCraft have a wealth of expertise and experience in working with academics throughout all stages of the research process from planning and proposal writing, through execution to reporting, to ensure that the impact of research carried out is optimised, well-articulated and evidenced. Our support is flexible – we seek to work with institutions and academics in the way that best suits their needs. Some examples of the services that we provide in relation to impact and (for those in the UK) REF are:

  • Workshops and training focusing on impact planning and theory of change
  • Targeted support for planning impact relating to specific research calls, including the development of the impact and pathways to impact sections of research proposals
  • Working in cooperation with researchers to write REF case studies
  • Supporting the development of REF case studies and ensuring their optimisation

If you would like further information about the ways in which GrantCraft can support you when planning impact, conveying it within research proposals, describing it in reports and/or REF case studies, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.