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GrantCraft have extensive experience working with universities, SMEs and research institutes to provide and develop the skills and expertise that are needed to present research in its best possible light and optimise funding success. We work with all disciplines and support research applications across the full spectrum of EU and UK funding schemes.


Proposal Writing

Proposal Writing

We can work with you across all stages of the bidding process. We can ensure that you are targeting the most relevant funder and provide the input, support and guidance that you require when crafting your bid. When preparing your grant application we will ensure that you target the multiple elements that funders (and their … Continue reading Proposal Writing

Personalised Support

Personalised support

In this highly competitive environment, ‘just’ excellent research is not enough – to stand out ahead of the crowd, much more is required in terms of additional arguments, detail, structure, and justification. We provide a personalised service, supporting applications on a one-to-one basis and working through multiple iterations of refinement and optimisation to ensure that … Continue reading Personalised support



Below is a list of our most popular workshops; the structure, content and timing of these events can be tailored to your specific requirements. Many of our sessions can be adapted to half- or full-day sessions, or even lunchtime seminars. We are also happy to work with you to design a bespoke training event to … Continue reading Workshops

Outreach & Dissemination

The societal impact of research and technology is becoming increasingly important across all funding bodies. Research has to reach and influence its target audiences in order to maximise its impact, not just in academic communities, but across industry and the general public. GrantCraft can help you plan and execute your outreach and dissemination activities by … Continue reading Outreach & Dissemination

Strategic analysis

Academic institutions have a wealth of data at their fingertips, the richness of which can be invaluable not only for providing insights into strengths, weaknesses and trends, but also for informing strategic direction and prioritisation. In addition to GrantCraft’s expertise and knowledge of the research funding landscape, we have the analytical skills and capabilities that … Continue reading Strategic analysis

Impact and REF Support

Impact is a critical component of research projects; rather than an ‘add on’ feature of a research proposal that must be tackled in the specific impact sections, impact should be at the forefront of research planning activities and an integral component of research proposals. Obviously, different funders have varying expectations and requirements with regards to … Continue reading Impact and REF Support